What's new at Ditto Music?

Bank transfer royalty payouts

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Shared by DittoBot • March 27, 2024

We've finished making essential improvements to Ditto Payouts - and direct bank transfers are back!

That means you can once again quickly and easily withdraw cash straight to your bank account 💰

You might need to resubmit and confirm your bank details to request a new payout - even if you have set up bank transfers with us before.

Just head to your Payouts dashboard to re-add your payout method.


Ditto Pro just got a BIG upgrade

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Shared by DittoBot • January 17, 2024

Our new & improved Ditto Pro plan has everything artists need, all in one place.

Earn up to 20% more royalties with music publishing, pitch for sync features, get priority support and loads more industry-leading features!

  • TV & Film Sync Opportunities
  • Music Publishing Royalty Collection
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Guaranteed Release Protection
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Unlimited Music Distribution for 2 Artists
  • First access to new features

Learn more about Ditto Pro at dittomusic.com/pro.

Introducing the Ditto Music App

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Shared by DittoBot • November 13, 2023

The official Ditto Music App is available to download now 📱👀

Our new app is the best place to track your music's impact across every platform, get notified when you're added to playlists, find out who's listening and withdraw royalties straight from your phone.

It's the ultimate companion for Ditto artists and is free on iOS and Android.

Download for iOS >

Download for Android >


Email your fans on release day

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Shared by DittoBot • September 07, 2023

Fans can now opt-in to receive email updates about your releases directly from your Ditto SmartLinks.

If they tick the "Join this artist mailing list" box when Pre-Saving your music, they'll receive an email on release day reminding them your release just dropped.

It's a great way to boost your release day stream count and make sure fans are dialled in to your music!


Withdraw royalties to PayPal

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Shared by DittoBot • July 19, 2023

We've added another easy way to get paid.

Head to the Payouts page on your Ditto Dashboard to add PayPal and withdraw fash cash straight to your account.

Learn more about PayPal payouts in our FAQs.

New Store

New international music platforms

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Shared by DittoBot • June 22, 2023

You'll now find four new global music platforms on the Ditto Release Builder 🎵

Reach fans in China on social video platforms Kuaishou and Kwai, get featured in viral content in Indonesia and Pakistan with SnackVideo and release music to listeners across Africa on Ayoba.

Want your existing tracks on all new platforms as soon as they're available?

Just select "Send this release to all new stores" on Stage 4 of the Release Builder and we'll take care of it automatically!


Edit your royalty splits anytime

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Shared by DittoBot • June 15, 2023

It’s now even easier to make sure everyone gets their fair share.

You can make changes to your release’s royalty splits even after they’ve been accepted by your collaborators.

Check out our FAQs to learn how exactly how it works.

New Store


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Shared by DittoBot • April 28, 2023

The trusted source for lyric licensing and data solutions, LyricFind licenses lyrics to Amazon, Deezer, Pandora & more.

LyricFind is available to select on the release builder now 😎

New Store


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Shared by DittoBot • April 28, 2023

Ditto welcomes music reporting platform soundmouse to our Release Builder. 🙌

Select soundmouse in your Ditto Release Builder now to release your music on this platform.

New Platforms: AMI Entertainment & WeSing

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Shared by DittoBot • March 28, 2023

We've added two new platforms to the Ditto Release Builder!

AMI Entertainment - the Digital Jukebox Music Network - makes your music available to be played in tens of thousands of commercial venues globally.

And when you upload tracks to WeSing, fans and music lovers can sing along to your songs on one of the world's most popular karaoke apps.

Head to our Release Builder now to release your music on these and hundreds of other platforms.